Our Services

Strategic Communications

With MT Multimedia’s expertise and insights in Thailand’s corporate sector plus a full suite of tools and services, we are well-positioned to serve new companies doing IPOs, Public Listed Companies (PLCs) on the SET, blue-chip property developers launching Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), private companies and public entities launching Infrastructure Funds (Ifs) to reach out to their target audiences.

Impactful campaigns are formulated and executed to highlight their present fundamentals and future growth potentials. These campaigns are disseminated through the appropriate local and international media to ensure maximum results.

Public Relations

An important part of our offerings, we provide consultancy and management of all PR services to enhance the image and corporate good standing of our clients both in the private and public sectors by formulating and executing strategic PR campaigns as well as monitoring and evaluating the results.

Our full range of PR services also cover the organizing of key events such as press conferences and special media interviews and other special events with the communities and the general public.

Communications (IMC)

We design and execute strategic IMC campaigns on corporate identity and brand building by using the most effective tools in both traditional and new media. We also design and produce supporting IMC materials such as corporate VTRs, TV commercials, printed materials and online contents.

Digital Media &
Social Networks

Our Digital Media Team keeps abreast of the changing lifestyles of the new, mushrooming generation of savvy investors who collectively are emerging as a new formidable force with substantial investing power.

We design, create and implement online media campaigns and digital marketing plans reaching out to target audiences in the Online Generation to ensure positive results – whether you are selling IPOs, REITs or other investment instruments. These campaigns are executed through diverse but well-selected digital platforms to ensure impactful results on the back of cost effectiveness. They come complete with monitoring and evaluation.

Special Events

We have extensive experience and expertise in organizing special events pertaining to the investment and corporate communities. These notably range from investor roadshows for IPOs and First Day Trades to shareholder meetings such as AGMs and EGMs.


We possess the expertise and technical know-how to communicate your corporate highlights to the investment communities both in Thailand and overseas through a full suite of effective tools and media services which will help ensure that your share prices reflect your company's true fundamentals.

Brand Strategy &
Brand Communications

In today's crowded marketplace, making your brand stand out prominently isn't an easy task. But thanks to a wealth of corporate insight and marketing experience, we help you formulate a unique brand strategy and impactful communication campaign that will drive exponential growth.